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PU Fashion Handbag
Pu Fashion Handbag....
Item# BF-2048-PO   $18.50

Designer Inspired PU handbag
Trendy Pu Handbag....
Item# LA-76236-BK   $17.00

Designer Inspired Pu Handbag
Trendy Pu Handbag....
Item# LA-76234-BK   $18.00

PVC Flower Wrist-let with animal print Floral applique in front.
Animal Print Floral Wristlet Pvc Flower Wrist-let With Anim....
Item# MB-201-BK   $4.75

Satin Evening Bag
Evening Bag Satin Evening Bag....
Item# HY-4085-BK   $14.00

Satin Evening Bag
Evening Bag Satin Evening Bag....
Item# M-168-BK   $14.00

Fashion hobo bag has a stripes pattern, a top zipper closure and a double handle. Made of PVC.
Stripped Hobo Bag in Black Fashion Hobo Bag Has A Stripes....
Item# BA-3038-BK   $19.00

Rhinestones Buckle around the neck of this bag & also on the body of bag. Broad single shoulder strap. Imported.
Rhinestones Buckle Single Handle Fashion Bag Rhinestones Buckle Around The ....
Item# BA-3032-BK   $18.00

Stone Studded Handbag
Stone Studded Handbag....
Item# LW-2876   $19.00

PVC Fashion Handbag has a single strap, a top zipper closure and embellished letters and shapes. Made of faux leather.
Embellished Shoulder Bag Pvc Fashion Handbag Has A Sing....
Item# K6115   $10.00

Rhinestones Buckle satin Evening Bag
Rhinestones Buckle Satin Eveni....
Item# HY5213-BK   $12.50

Rhinestones studded satin evening bag
Satin Evening bag Rhinestones Studded Satin Even....
Item# 3329-BK   $13.50

Two Tone tote bag has a double handle, a top zipper closure, outside pockets and crocodile trimming. Made of faux leather.
Fashion Tote Bag with Croc Trimming Two Tone Tote Bag Has A Double....
Item# 7451L-BK   $18.00

Genuine Leather Business Card holder
Card Holder Genuine Leather Business Card ....
Item# CM-1303   $3.00

Genuine Leather Cell Phone case
Cell Phone Case Genuine Leather Cell Phone Cas....
Item# 1316   $0.50

PVC fashion handbag embellished with metalic studs along the front side.  Made with a push lock closure and a single shoulder strap.
PVC Studded Fashion Handbag Pvc Fashion Handbag Embellishe....
Item# 21737   $14.00

Betty Boop Bucket Bag
Betty Boop Bucket Bag....
Item# HB-2132-SBP   $17.00

Animal print Fur fashion handbag embellished with a top zipper closure with a hanging bracelet handle and a single shoulder strap.  Outer bold compartments also accentuate this bag.
Animal Print Black Fur Fashion Handbag Animal Print Fur Fashion Handb....
Item# 60-23783-BK   $22.00

Printed PVC Fashion Handbag
Printed Pvc Fashion Handbag....
Item# KS-9213-BK   $13.00

Metallic Gold Printed PVC Fashion Handbag with gathered top zipper closure. Belt accents on the sides of the bag and double shoulder handle.
Metallic Gold Print PVC Handbag Metallic Gold Printed Pvc Fash....
Item# KS-5889-BK   $15.00

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