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Black beads on Golden earrings.
Earrings Black Beads On Golden Earrings....
Item# ER-2339   $1.75 per pair

Golden and Black earrings
Earrings Golden And Black Earrings....
Item# ER-2333   $1.75 per pair

Five pieces bangles set
Bangles Set Five Pieces Bangles Set....
Item# BR-2635   $3.00 per set

Beautiful & sturdy 5 piece fashion bangles set includes 2 thin gold colored bangles, 2 floral metal pattern bangles & one wide metal pattern bangle with black resin on it. Hand crafted & designed in India.
Gold Black Fashion Bangles Bracelets Set Beautiful & Sturdy 5 Piece Fas....
Item# POB-05168   $3.50 per set

This set of 14 pieces set includes hand painted, plain & studded bangles in different widths & designs. Trendy bangles can be worn all year around with any kind of outfit.
Painted & Studded Gold Metal Bangles Set This Set Of 14 Pieces Set Incl....
Item# POB-04809   $4.00 per set

Very beautiful & trendy 11 pieces set includes one wide black bangle, one metal patterned bangle, 2 painted bangles, 3 thin gold colored bangles, 3 thin black beads bangles & 1 floral pattern bangle. Hand crafted in India.
Chunky Fashion Bangles Set Very Beautiful & Trendy 11 Pie....
Item# POB-4832-A   $4.00 per set

Trendy fashion bangle bracelet set of 11 pieces. Handcrafted by expert artisans. Durable and high quality construction.
Trendy Gold Accented Artsy Bangle Bracelets Trendy Fashion Bangle Bracelet....
Item# POB-04962-A   $4.50 per set

This seven pieces bangles set in silver metal includes different designs of bangles which are painted or studded and in varied widths. Can be matched withe any kind of formal or casual outfit to give that funky look. Made in India.
Silver Metal Fashion Bangles Set This Seven Pieces Bangles Set ....
Item# POB-04452   $3.00 per set

Trendy 7 pieces set of bangles in aluminium including 2 wide bangles with copper, silver, gold dots & 5 thin bangles which have their own metal pattern. Lightweight & durable to use.
Dots & Mirrors Trendy Boho Bangles Bracelet Set Trendy 7 Pieces Set Of Bangles....
Item# POB-05165-A   $3.00 per set

Printed PVC fashion Handbag. top zipper closing.
Printed Pvc Fashion Handbag. T....
Item# KS-9825-BK   $13.00

Printed PVC Fashion Handbag. Top Zipper closing.
Printed Pvc Fashion Handbag. T....
Item# KS-9823-BK   $13.00

Metallic Boot Bag with studs has a top zipper closure, a double handle and a detachable single strap. Made of PU (polyurethane).
Tote Bag with Metallic Boot Design Metallic Boot Bag With Studs H....
Item# 2410-F   $8.00