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Nautical symbology floats over this 100% wool scarf in lemon, yellow & green colors. The scarf has boats & anchors figure floating over with twisted fringes at the ends. Dry clean only. Imported.
Nautical Symbology Print Wool Scarf Nautical Symbology Floats Over....
Item# WJ-44   $11.00

Golden and Green earrings
Earrings Golden And Green Earrings....
Item# ER-2332   $1.75 per pair

Green and Golden earrings
Earrings Green And Golden Earrings....
Item# ER-2329   $1.75 per pair

Six pieces bangle set
Bangles Set Six Pieces Bangle Set....
Item# BR-2634   $3.00 per set

Wide cuff bangle with kaleidoscope like print and three assorted designs/width bangles makes this lightweight & trendy costume bangles set. Yellow & turquoise colored resin bangles and gold colored patterned metal bangle are also part of this set. Imported.
Artistic Print Four Pieces Bangles Set Wide Cuff Bangle With Kaleidos....
Item# BR-2630   $3.50 per set

Gold colored Metal Fashion Bangles Set with Beads in Shades of Green. Bangles have a wavy pattern which is embellished with beads all around it. Sized to fit small to medium wrists.
Gold Green Bohemian Fashion Bangles Bracelets Set Gold Colored Metal Fashion Ban....
Item# POB-1886   $3.00 per set

Chunky looking assortment of 10 pieces  including 4 thin bangles, 3 lime green resin bangles, 2 thin green bangles & one wide metal pattern bangle with green rhinestones on it. This set can light up any outfit.
Ivory Gold Bohemian Fashion Bangles Bracelets Set Chunky Looking Assortment Of 1....
Item# POB-05159-A   $4.00 per set

Hand Beaded Sequin Bag
Hand Beaded Sequin Bag....
Item# S-1198-882   $11.00